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S e n i o r i t y  not  S e n i l i t y  !

A memo for myself on my 65th Birthday and to share with all elderly people.

Years ago when your heart and soul were young,
Happiness was around just hearing songs sung.
    Grown up a playful kid in school,
    All what you did was no fool.
Hard working lad busy dawn 'til dusk,
Earning money for living was a must.
    Marriage, the target for a perfect life,
    And there it was your great pretty wife.
With a few lovely children at home,
Your cheerful moments all around roamed.
     Looking forward to retirement,
     Why rewards became a resentment?
Handicaps surround you for this age,
Plenty of reasons to be desperate.
    Let's not accept the senility,
    Defend yourself for seniority.
Take it easy, day in and day out,
Enjoying and sharing with your spouse.
    Traveling, joking, and laughing more often,
    Your final life be fulfilled in all components.

Suetrong Chiemchanya, MD
        (นพ.ซื่อตรง เจียมจรรยา)
17-6-2013, my 65th birthday.

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