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Summary of Life

Birth, play, learn, sex, work, sex, work, sex, work, sex, home, children, children, home, sex, sex, sex, work, work, work, play. learn, unlearn, unlearn, die.
See? We are only born once and die once with many things in between. Life is these between the two ends
Life is beautiful
Life is glory
Life is school
Life is love
Life is duty
Life is work
Lives give lives
Lives must die
Bye bye life
Hello death
Do not fret
For death is real

A moment of life, A moment of death
Cycling from life to death, And death to life
Within a being, From beginning to the next
Cherish each moment with laugh and smile
A string of happy moments is a happy life
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow does not exist
Fill up the brain with knowledge so high
Fill up the heart with love to fit
May you live with successes
May you win all challenges
May you not fear the death
May you be master of all changes
Happy Birthday, Sue
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