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บันทึกท่องเที่ยวประเทศนอร์เวย์ของหมอวิศิษฐ์ ชาติสุทธิพันธ์ -2

Part 2 - July 11-14, 2014

4 seasons in 1 wk
Enjoying 4 seasons in 1 wk:
Winter with glacier, and snow cap mountains melting down to waterfalls and streams, providing picturesque backdrop.
Summer warmth for comfort,
Rain to aid farmers,
Spring flowers, and water falls to renew birth, romance, and tranquility.





















Some fancy cars in Norway




After sunset in Oslo
Sun has already set and now it is 11 pm shown on the clock.
The sky is still bright.
Street and store lights are lighted
People are still eating enjoying the out door.
Oslo is similar to Long Beach, a major harbor and tourist town.
They both are crowded by tourists, conventioneers and when cruiseships come, otherwise can be very quiet.
Unlike Hong Kong and Shanghi, both Long Beach and Oslo have no electronic billboards. Long Beach has law prohibiting it, but I don't know about Oslo. However Long Beach waterfront has more lightings than Oslo, almost as bright as Las vegas inspite of having no commercial electronic billboards.




























Is graffiti a sign of civilization?
Graffiti can be seen in every country. These are taken in Oslo and Bergen the two major city of Norway. They are urban centric, but one was surprisingly seen in a beautiful rural area. 

Is graffiti a sign of civilization? Many people believe it is a sign of neighborhood's decline.
I am neither a sociologist nor an anthropologist to answer the question. But I may say that a civilized mind is more open and tolerant to the vulgar, abrasive, non-adherent, eye-sore and irritating graphic expressions, while the graffiti creators may or may not be civilized.
I cannot read Norwegian, but the English graffiti against racism, sexism, homophobia, hard drugs, is very much morally and politically correct as well as being strategically displayed. I just don't believe that without these evil elements there will be no need for police.








Norwegian VS Thai architecture
The 2 structures shown here (Lom Stav Church and a convenient store) appear to be similar to Thai temples due to the Norwegian's love of dragons.
Notice the gable roofs with the decorative dragon heads at their tips.











The Old Town
Bergen, The second largest city and the old capital of Norway is a fast growing city, maintaining it's charm by preserving and restoring its historical landmarks and appearance.

Haakon's Hall is a medieval stone hall, the largest building of the royal palace in Bergen  located inside the fortress. The hall was constructed in the middle of the 13th century,
The hall has been hit by several fires, and was rebuilt repeatedly, transforming into a purely military fortress, then into a storage building.

The 19th century saw the rise of national romanticism in Norway as the country gradually regained its independence. As a result, the independent medieval kingdom was used as a source of new national symbols to rally around. In 1840, it was proven that the great stone building in Bergenhus fortress was, in fact, king Håkon Håkonsson's old feast hall. The hall was finally restored in the 1890s

The hall was severely damaged on 20 April 1944, when a Dutch ship in the service of the German navy, carrying over 120 tons of dynamite, accidentally exploded whilst docked on the harbour outside the walls of Bergenhus fortress. The stone structure was undamaged, but the wooden roof caught fire and burned up. The fire also destroyed all the decorations from the first restoration. A second restoration took place in the 1950s, and the hall was reopened on 11 September 1961, the 700th anniversary of its first use. 

The hall is occasionally used for concerts.

The pictures will show you why the stone walls were undamaged. They are 5 feet thick!













Nobody is only what you see.
On my free day away from my tour guide, My wife notice a life-size bronze sculpture permanently placed at a corner of a building where I and most passer-byes easily miss and ignore.
A literal translation of the message on the plaque is "Nobody is only what you see"
My interpretation is "Do not judge a person by his/her appearance and circumstance."

A real life woman sitting at a corner of a pedestrian mall appears to be a beggar, a homeless,..... whatever one would imagine.

A very rich country with the 2nd highest GDP per capita in the world should not have such unfortunate persons, but I see them here and there without having to search for them. My Norwegian tour guide says they are immigrants from other countries. This, to me, is probably very true. This human landscape can be seen everywhere in every country, especially in a wealthy neighborhood. They are there because of the kindness of the rich who will spill out some small changes for them. I don't think this unfortunate people are stupid enough to sit and beg in their poor neighborhood, Only if they are crazy, lazy or stupid or being all 3.




Edvard Grieg
Many of us have listened and love his musics without knowing the names of the songs and the great composer, Edvard Grieg. A trip to visit his beautiful villa surrounded by charming lake and green mountains will make the visitors understand where he got his inspiration from.

Photo and VDO are not allowed to be taken inside the house. I paid $25 for his 25 minutes VDO concerts that shows the interior of his home and surroundings. It is  worth every minute of it. I would love to show you, but it is copyrighted.

His home is now a museum that displayed his personal belongings. The grass roof structure is the concert hall.

He married his first cousin whose mother disapproved of him and told her "Edvard is amount to nothing" "He plays music that no one wants to listen and no one wants to buy."

Edvard Grieg did not become successful until he took his mentor's advice, "You graduated from Leipzig (University of Music and Theatre Leipzig in Germany). If you continue to play the way they teach you, you will be just like them and will never be successful. You have to incorporate Norwegian folksongs in them. That's the only way you can stand out."

I am certain that we have all herd this song "Morning Mood" and love it.










Are they good guys or bad guys
A staff at a bike rental store drew a bike path for me to have a safe and wonderful trip. He circled the area of a fountain lake as a safe place but warned me not to stay far beyond it as few blocks away is a center of drugs.
A beautiful pavilion surrounded by flowers is across the street from the lake. About 10 young males and females were making out on the floor in a broad daylight. Shortly later a man stood up showing a foot long knife to another man.
At the moment I thought of the warning about the drug gang, and didn't dare to take their pictures at close range.
A scene like this in US may be immediately identified as a bad neighborhood and can be frightening to someone, especially if the youngsters are non-whites.
But no one seems to be disturbed by these youths who may or may not be gangsters, partly because they are all white and this is the tourist section of the town, no one but me was warned about the nearby drug gang.
No, I did not run away. I enjoyed the scene and consider it to be lovely with excitement.










Life is so easy and wonderful without a lot of money

Look at 2 girls enjoying sunbathing in a cemetery.
People doing nothing in a park.
3 girls grilling 3 hot dogs on a simple grill in a park and offering one more to a stranger who is taking their picture.
Family swimming together in a lake.
People strolling under shad trees.
People wading in the pond.
Watching Hare Krishna dancing and singing amusingly.






An angry boy and a happy boy

I don't think the happy boy is happy because the other boy is angry.

The happy boy is happy because he feels loved by his mother and the photographer.









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